A vacation immersed in the countryside of Vitorchiano

Situated on the top of a small hill in Tuscia Romana, the country residence enjoys a 'wide panoramic view of the Medieval Village of Vitorchiano.


Imagine an infinity pool at the top of a hill, you immersed in the water observing the relaxing country landscape, while in the background is the outline of the fortress of Montefiascone, setting the scene for unforgettable sunsets.


Poggio Pasquale stands atop the highest hill of the farm, built exclusively with natural materials, here it will be like living in continuity with nature, without obstacles or boundaries.


As you descend into a valley that you reach after traveling the road through the forest, Il Mulino, an ancient building from 1644, will appear before your eyes. In the blink of an eye you will be catapulted into another world, surrounded by a romantic and evocative atmosphere, where nature and man seem to find their balance as if by magic.

Magic places

Situated on the top of a small hill in the Tuscia Viterbese area, the country residence enjoys a wide panoramic view of the medieval village of Vitorchiano.

With us, fun and relaxation are a constant.

A stunning swimming pool overlooking Tuscia Romana offers a blissful retreat on those balmy days. Surrounded by lush vegetation, residents can choose to swim a few laps, cook with friends outside, bask in the sun or admire the magnificent views.

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