Il Mulino

The ancient building stands at the foot of a stream, which in ancient times was used precisely to move the millstones to obtain both flour and oil. The restoration was carried out very carefully respecting the original architecture. In the rooms, as in the common rooms you will rediscover the authenticity of the place.

A pool among the rocks

In addition to the stream, which at night seems to be animated by woodland creatures, you can dive into a very special pool surrounded by volcanic boulders just a few steps from the entrance to an Etruscan tomb...we will make you live a dream.

A place where nature and man find their balance

Driving along the road through the woods, to your eyes will appear The Mill, an ancient building from 1644. In the blink of an eye you will be catapulted into another world, surrounded by a romantic and evocative atmosphere.

The villa, perfect for a group of 12 people, has four rooms with private bathrooms, kitchen and living room with fireplace. A few steps from the Mill stands the Dependance, with two more rooms with bathrooms, living room and kitchenette.